CCTV Surveillance Camera Installations For Your Leeds Home & Business

Our CCTV engineers are also ready to secure your home and business in Shepway, Maidstone, Gillingham, Scarborough, Chatham, Rochester, Preston, Ashford, Stoke, West Minster.

What is a CCTV System?

CCTV systems are a system that consists of a number of cameras connected to a central recording center. This hub provides security against intruders. They are often used in commercial environments to protect businesses. Security camera systems can be very flexible. You can add additional cameras to the system, depending on how big your space is. You can also choose from a variety of storage capacities and resolutions, depending on your budget and needs. A CCTV system installed around your business or home can provide security for your premises even when you are not there.

We can install any security system you need, no matter how simple or expensive.

Should You Invest In CCTV System To Protect Your Leeds Premises?

Business owners in Kent can have peace of mind knowing that their business and home are protected from thieves and intruders. Our CCTV systems can bring many benefits to your company. A CCTV security camera installation in your business or home can help reduce your insurance premiums. Insurers will be able see that you are serious about security and therefore perceive you as less risk. The initial cost of the CCTV system will be quickly recouped by insurance savings.

Commercial CCTV Installation

Our Supply & Install service delivers the best surveillance technology to protect you business 24/7.

We are a local firm located in Leeds who offer a dedicated service to business owners. We are here for you to help reduce stress, and make your business more safe.

We will listen to you and develop a CCTV system that meets or exceeds your security needs. We can install CCTV systems to protect your business and prevent criminals from entering. The system is available for installation by us.

We provide CCTV systems from the most respected brands in the industry, with SMART capabilities that ensure your system remains prepared for today’s threats.

Visit our service page to learn more about the types of CCTV that are installed and how you can schedule a job for your business.

We offer a variety of services to secure your home and meet your commercial business needs.

CCTV Installation Only Service

If a business owner has done their research and purchased a CCTV System at an authorized retailer, this service is available. For the installation of the system they will need help from professionals like us.

It is more complicated than what you might think. A CCTV specialist should devise a strategy for eliminating blind spots and creating infrastructure compatible with your CCTV systems.

Our ‘installation-only’ service will provide clear training on the spot on how to use the new system. This will save you hours of reading the manual.

You can find more information about our CCTV Installation Only Service on our service page.

CCTV Installation Site Survey

Site surveys are free to all customers. We visit your business at Leeds in order to measure the building. Next, we develop a strategy to determine the best location for cameras and wires.

The ‘Supply and Install’ option requires a site survey. This allows us the opportunity to devise a strategy, offer a customized service that fits your needs and budget, as well ensure your business security.

Visit our service page to find out more about the CCTV Site Survey.

CCTV Maintenance

We offer our customers at Leeds a Planned Preventative Maintenance services (PPM). This is an ongoing service. This service will ensure that CCTV equipment is functioning properly for our customers long after it’s been installed. A checklist of procedures we will follow with your CCTV equipment is also provided.

The wiring, recoding equipment, as well as the camera, are all checked. Our engineer will inspect the recording and make sure that it is correctly time-stamped.

You can find more information on our CCTV Maintenance Service at our service page.

CCTV Repair & Upgrade near Leeds

We provide an emergency repair service to businesses in Leeds who need their CCTV equipment fixed or replaced immediately. This is usually completed in one visit.

Our ‘Upgrade Service’ is available for businesses who want to improve or expand their CCTV infrastructure. It may not cost you as much as it seems, since older equipment might still work with current systems.

Our service page can be used to book an emergency CCTV Repair or to learn more about all the benefits and drawbacks associated with upgrading your system.